About Us

Break the silence and shame around the two most natural stages of a woman’s life – menstruation and menopause.

Speak aloud and speak clearly. Be audible. Let the world know how you feel. And then…manage the different phases with the right information and right guidance.

The All About Menopause website is an initiative undertaken by Svizera Healthcare, a division of Maneesh Pharmaceuticals Ltd. This website is created to share the right information on menopause.

Women, especially Indian women, are too scared and ashamed to ask for the basic information around menopause. This knowledge-based website is intended to answer all the queries related to the different stages of menopause – Perimenopause, menopause, post-menopause, early menopause and other related topics.

Know the causes, symptoms, treatments, lifestyle changes, health risks and self-care tips to help you manage your menopause.

Do not think you are alone on this voyage of menopause. Connect with other women, discuss your concerns, ask any query and get an answer. Regardless of your age, learn all about menopause, share the knowledge and support womenfolk.